Saturday, September 7, 2013

the big one

A couple months before my birthday Marcus started asking me what I wanted to do.  I mentioned that I'd like a party.  In no way did I imagine what I was going to get...

party helpers

venue set-up

I joked that this was the worst surprise party ever.  Mainly because I knew it was happening.  I mean I knew a party was being planned.  The real surprise?  Both how awesome it was and how many people showed up.

Photo Booth shots::

my amaze-balls neighbors who put this whole thing together.  if left up to marcus he would've had a bag of doritos and a 6 pack of beer for 60 people in our backyard.  these girls can run the flipping world.

 the check writer.

There are so many more.
 walking in marcus had the dj (what? a DJ?!) playing 'our song'.  it was hard to keep it together.  (on the table you can see the beer koozies he had made).  first thing - leigh hands me a cocktail (thank goodness)! can you say margarita machine????

 salsaritas - i couldn't eat or drink anything because I was so overwhelmed.  also, note the handmade streamers made by my neighbors.  they got together and "Pinterest-ed this b****"

 my dear friend lacey came down from va. to celebrate.  love my blond sister.

 some of us thought a plank would be a good idea.  it wasn't

 and then the dancing began... What was so amazing is that I have VASTLY different groups of friends... the 'brown peeps', old work friends, neighborhood friends, mama friends... and there's not a lot of overlap.  Except, apparently, when the starts doing his thing.  Didn't stop dancing all night. (and yes, i recognize i look like an ass in these pictures but who cares.  Clearly I was enjoying myself.

There are actually so many pictures I've put them in to a book, so, 40 years from now when we are in the home, I can remember this evening.  To all those who put this together, thank you is not enough.  To those who showed up, I'm fortunate to call you all friends.  And to that quiet guy in the corner ~ gracias.


CaitlinandBrad said...

LOVE LOVE THIS! So sad I missed this epic event. Love you friend.

kate's corner said...

oh Mama D!!! What an incredible night this was!! Love re living via your pics. I'm a fool.. but loved every minute of of it!!! heehee love mary's chalkboard pic ;).