Thursday, June 13, 2013

another first

This past weekend we went to a unusual 'despedida' for some friends of ours who are moving back to Quito in a few weeks. Actually, he's moving back... The wife and kids are moving there for the first time. It's an amazing adventure for me and an incredible learning experience for their kids to learn Spanish and see a whole other way of life. We'll miss the Salvador family but we'll see them in Quito next year!

Anyway, that's all to say that when we asked Shannon what we should do for their going-away, in addition to a party in a couple weeks, she suggested going camping. I was hoping for "glamping" (glamorous camping anyone? It's a 'Real Housewives' reference) but no dice. This was roughing it in the wilds of Union County with 12 families - something like 40 plus people - most of whom were under 4 ft tall. Fortunately we had cots to sleep on and Emi slept in the little tent the boys got for Christmas with her friend Ruby. I was predicting disaster but the kids l.o.v.e.d. it. They loved being dirty, going on nature walks, the marshmallows and s'mores, the hot dogs, and just generally running around being kids. We were fortunate enough to have enough "big kids" that they could watch the little ones while the adults got some time to visit.

I didn't take my big camera so I only got a few quick shots...

camping prep - testing out the sleeping bags in the living room

Emi and Ruby. Girlfriend LOVES Ruby ever since we went to the beach with them last summer. These two brave souls slept alone together in Emi's little tent.

insists on long sleeves. Ugh.

Javier proved himself to be quite the ladies man. Yikes.

Fun times. Sadly for me, Emi has hounding me about when are we going back (though she fully freaked at it was time to go to bed once the sun went down). Guess we are investing in a big fat tent - and a lot of glow sticks!
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I'm a blogging fiend today!  It's all about catching up while the kids are away! :)

Easter - good flipping luck trying to catch a picture of all 3 monsters smiling.
 over-accesorize much?
 not sure if the smile is evil or true joy.  holy headlock.

 these children are nuts.

The mayhem begins!

Then, the candy eating...

First steps

This week my girl has been doing her first ever week of all-day anything frankly. Up until now all of her activities have strictly been either all morning or all afternoon, but in anticipation of our transition to big kid school I thought a week of all-day camp may help give her (and I) a sense of what's to come. Sure only having the boys at home is easier/harder/more/less noisy. I'm not going to lie.. I ugly cried after drop off on Monday morning, have been caught by my friends Danielle and Anne stalking her in the parking lot at the Y, and, after pickup on Tuesday when I found out she had forgotten her lunch for the field trip and lost her water bottle on the wagon at Lazy 5 ranch I almost pulled the plug on the entire endeavor. But we soldier on... and choke back a few tears along the way. Some quick shots I snagged on Monday.

label everything!!

before camp shot

looking a bit worried. She yelled at me after taking this picture.

off she goes - never looked back.

I went back after dropping off the boys at camp. Emi's group was lining up to go to the pool to take the swim test. (Spoiler alert -- she refused to take the test and therefore had been swimming all week Ugh!!

I read this last week (yes, on Pinterest) and its supposed to be for the first-day-of-school but it's been in my head and it's so so true of how this feels...

I wonder if you could possibly understand
How hard it is for me to let you go.
On this day know that my heart breaks, 
For this is the first step in letting my baby go.

Now I've got some stalking to do...

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q viven los novios

Far too late in finally posting wedding pics...  Note: these are crazy blurry - phone is/was dying combined with people who wouldn't stop moving for 3 seconds equals a hot mess picture-wise.

Rehearsal Cocktail:

 sweet baby Lucia... she chilled the.whole.night.


 Papa had gotten Emi a super cool wedding sticker book for her amazing job as a flower girl.  It was a huge hit during the cocktail hour.

 kids table

lucky table 12 - probably one of the noisiest tables. (and mrs. castro? HA!)

 i had a lot of pictures like this one.  these people don't.stop.moving.

 little cousins and the big girl cousin.

emi is the blur on the left.

The Sunday after there just HAPPENED to be a Redskins game.  We are crazy, rabid, die-hard Redskins fans.  We crammed 9 adults into the minivan for what can only be described as a highly illegal drive to the game.  But totally worth it.  Nothing cures a hangover like football, an ice-cold beer, a Ben's Chili Bowl half smoke and screaming with joy because your team won.

 outside the suites before the game.

 even the beer tastes better.