Wednesday, April 25, 2012

save the date

October is around the corner... and we have one super excited flower girl - to - be. Created with PhotoShake

Saturday, April 21, 2012

don't judge me...

but apparently i'm not that bright. 

particularly when it comes to switching my brain from using a pc to a mac.

it's supposed to be super intuitive... but apparently that's only the case for the smarties.

in any case i just finished my first iMovie *roar of crowd* of the Christmas holidays.

that's right... Christmas.  don't judge.

you'll note there's only one picture from Christmas Eve - of Javier and his huge gash on his head from tumbling down 14 hardwood stairs in Nana & Richard's house.  marcus asked me not to include it, but i felt it was important for posterity sake.

oh, and the music was the first song i saw when iTunes opened up... let's be grateful it wasn't christmas music.

at this rate, maybe i'll catch up with the rest of my blogging... one day. :(