Monday, December 13, 2010

1 month stats

It’s hard to believe but my babies are already 1 month old.  To say it’s been a whirlwind would be an understatement, but we are so fortunate to have these little fellas with us.  The love is, in a word, overwhelming.

They went for their 1 month well check-ups today and Dr. Walker found them to be in great health and only got one shot today (Hep B)each.  Here are the stats:


outtake from our christmas card photo shoot – total nightmare btw.

Andres (previously known as “Baby A”)

  • Weight: 9 lbs, 4 oz. (50th percentile)
  • Height: 19 3/4 inches long (3rd percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 14 1/2 inches (25th percentile)

Our main concern with Andres is that he seems very congested all the time and he has the worst reflux of any baby I’ve ever seen.  He seems pretty miserable after eating, spits up tons, and I’m having him sleep in the boppy pillow because when he’s flat on his back you can hear how uncomfy he is.  Dr. Walker wants him to start on baby Zantac 2x/day, .6 ml for a month and see how he does, but she doesn’t think it has anything to do with the formula they’re on.  Emilia has an appointment this week with the allergist so I’ll mention it to him and see what he says. But basically he’s a robust and healthy little boy.


yet another outtake – of javier – do you feel my pain yet?  next year – hire a professional!

Javier (previously known as “Baby B”)

  • Weight: 8 lbs, 5 oz. (15th percentile – a full pound less than Andres).
  • Height: 20 inches long (5th percentile – 1/4 inch longer than Andres).
  • Head Circumference: 14 1/4 inches (15th percentile).

Our little ‘mani’ (peanut) has put on 20 oz. in 2 weeks as he tries to catch up to his big brother.  He’s really doing very nicely and thriving.  He’s also the one who has slept ‘through the night’ (midnight to 5 – 5:30 a.m.) on a couple of occasions now.  Dr. W says to look for them to be neck-in-neck with each other height/weight-wise around 18 months if not before.

playgroup with santa

This past week our playgroup hit the mall ‘en masse’ for our now annual group shot with Santa.  There were no tears but some very reluctant kiddos.  Of course there were some very brave kidlets as well.  All in all, for getting 9 kids in a picture along with the red-suited-one it went as smoothly as could be expected.

12_8_10 01

mamas positioning babies.  i swear the people in line behind us were cursing our names.

12_8_10 03

best i got from my angle.  standing behind santa – kate and aston (check out his pose!) second row – morgan, lilly, zoe, and ky.  on the floor – cole, maisie and emi (irritated because mama made her wear a turtleneck).  the twins, brooks, eve, stellyn, and lilly were present but didn’t make it into the picture – next year kids, next year.

because nothing screams ‘good idea’


like having 35 people to your house a month after giving birth to twins…

12_4_10 03

view from above.

Last weekend Marcus and I hosted a “Fiestas de Quito” party for the Ecuadorians.  Basically we had each family bring a typical plate (A made her world famous llapingachos – yum!) and the guys played “Cuarenta” (card game pictured above) while the women chit-chatted and the kids tore apart the playroom.  It was fun but would have been completely impossible to do without A’s help.  But we laughed, talked VERY loudly, shed a few tears (several new moms in the group – hormone overload!) and sang along to Julio Jaramillo songs.  Que viva Quito!

12_4_10 05

lorraine and her son, nicolas.  one of 4 new babies at the party.  he stared at the fireplace for ages.

12_4_10 06

did i remember to take a picture of the amazing food? no.  of the ladies?  of course not.  i did remember to take a pic of the cake however.  hana was in charge –she did a great job even if the guys gave her a hard time because it should have read ‘fiestas’ instead of ‘fiesta.’  for a girl from jordan married to an ecuadorian, she did great!

12_4_10 07

more card playing.  please note my sainted husband in the background.  i believe his behind was super-glued to that chair for the bulk of the evening.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

elfin’ magic

The Christmas season has arrived a little earlier than usual this year.  I’ve decided from now on we’ll decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving – otherwise the ‘stuff’ isn’t out long enough to really enjoy.  This year we really had to move as we’re hosting a party this weekend. 

Yes, because nothing says ‘good idea’ like having 18 people to your house with 3 week-old newborns.  Yikers.

We went to our usual tree farm in Lincoln County…

11_27_10 01

we took the boys out for a second but it was too chilly for them.  thankfully A was with us and waited in the car with them.

11_27_10 02

after leaving the boys back at the car, i found emi and marcus checking out the massive blow-up santa.

11_27_10 04 

cutting down the tree.  look at how emi is laying on top of poor marcus – she’s had a serious case of the ‘papas’ and pretty much sticks to him the second he gets home.

11_27_10 05

11_27_10 07

hauling it in.

Note to self: noticed many smart smart families with tripods and all dressed up taking their Christmas card pics at the tree farm.  Genius. 

11_29_10 01 

our 7 1/2 foot tree.  smells pine-rific.

11_29_10 02

our latest ornament – la familia de cinco.



There’s not ONE picture of us at thanksgiving.  We just couldn’t get it together long enough :(.

Trust me when I tell you the kids looked adorable in their matching turkey shirts with their names monogrammed on them.  And trust me when I say we had a fine time at my friend Tracy’s house and were eternally grateful a) not to have to cook dinner and b) not to have to clean up after dinner.

A few pre-T-day shots…

11_23_10 06

emilia’s preschool class at their thanksgiving feast – emilia, charlie, ray, jackson j., lake, betsy, jackson h., olivia, haeven, elizabeth and will.

11_24_10 02

emilia’s headdress and thanksgiving centerpiece.

 11_25_10 01

 thanksgiving placemat.

11_25_10 02

playing in the leaves before leaving for Tracy’s house.

knit with love

I am always so appreciative of hand-made gifts people give my kidlets and these items are no exception.  As a knitter, I know what a labor of love doing something like this is, and I’m also acutely aware that most people who do this type of work have plenty of other kids (namely, their own!) to knit for.

11_28_10 02

caps by my friend Betsey, sweaters by my tia Fabiola.  my princes are ‘cozy warm’ as Emi might say.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

the baby whisperer

The ‘baby whisperer’ arrived at our house on Tuesday afternoon, bearing bags full of gifts for all three kids (much to Emilia’s delight – another baby doll, some books, and a new tea set) and her incredible ‘baby whisperer’ abilities.

That’s the nickname we had for my Tia Marga (or, as Emilia calls her, ‘Tia Manga’ – which is funny because ‘manga’ means ‘sleeve’).  My Tia is a NICU nurse in Northern Virginia and has, as one can imagine, mad skills with little babies.  Kids in general love her – she’s the kind of aunt who will do the wacky crafts with them and will let them go wild with the glitter – but babies – man does the woman know her way around some babies – my little fellas included.  Below are some shots from her stay (since Tia is in the witness relocation program, there aren’t really any pics of her :)

Not only did Tia Marga bring gifts but she also brought her cooking skills (crema de apio here we come!), her wealth of knowledge about all things baby (who knew they were born with important ‘brown fat?!’), but also…

…her talents as a spa technician (the baths that used to leave Emilia screaming are a thing of the past – who knew I had the water too cold and you can swaddle them in the tub too!),

11_17_10 02

emilia supervising.

11_17_10 04

javier (don’t you love how he stuck his little foot out!)

11_17_10 08

11_17_10 06 

andres – looking rather grumpy.

11_17_10 09

11_17_10 10

…her mad swaddling skills (really, if you think you know how to swaddle, you have no idea – holy baby burritos!),

11_17_10 12

post-spa-body wrapping.

…and the craziest (but most effective) baby burping method ever (not for the faint of heart).

11_17_10 15 11_17_10 16

 lovin’ on javier.

Today (Sunday) was another beautiful Fall day here so we took advantage of the very mild weather and took the boys on a short stroll through the CW ‘hood.

11_21_10 01

11_21_10 02

the ‘captain’ was in charge of pushing the stroller.

11_21_10 03

 looking for leaves (and acorns, and calabazas/pumpkins, and bugs) – in short – a nature walk.

11_21_10 04 

we only took their caps off for the picture – javier in front, andres in the back.

11_21_10 05

los hombres c – and a not-so-fond goodbye to marcus’ ‘vacation beard’ – it’s finally gone now.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

stats and such

And to think… one week ago our boys hadn’t yet arrived and now, this is the scene in our house in the mornings…

11_11_10 01

big sister watching her morning show flanked by her hermanitos – clearly they’re uninterested in “Maggie and the Ferocious Beast”

11_11_10 03

another of emilia’s famous smirks.  what a proud (and tired!) papa.

11_14_10 01

we’ve learned quickly (and thanks to Dr. Walker for pointing it out) that the boys sleep much better when snuggled up against one another rather than in separate bassinets.  bassinet bumper courtesy of A of course.

11_14_10 02

keeping a watchful eye (after offering a ‘bunny goldfish’)

11_14_10 05

Sunday was absolutely to-die-for Carolina Fall weather – sunny and warm.  Emilia and Papa spent some time in the driveway working on her point guard skills.

11_14_10 06

she shoots – she scores!

11_14_10 07

holy sunburst picture

11_14_10 08

guarding against papa’s shot.

11_14_10 09

my. best. girl.

Friday was the boy’s first visit to Dr. Walker.  Javier was the one she was most ‘worried’ about since he was the smaller of the two and the more ‘reluctant’ eater.  His stats on Friday were:

weight: 5 lbs, 7 oz.

length: 18 inches (an inch shorter than what they measured in the hospital, but this measurement seems more accurate to me).

Head circumference: 33 3/4 cm.

Dr. W noted that his skull plates in the back were overlapping slightly – a sign we needed to watch his hydration levels.  also, since he’d had high hemoglobin results in the hospital she wanted to see him again on Monday to check for jaundice.  Also, J has a blocked tear duct in his left eye we need to encourage to clear.


weight: 5 lbs, 13 oz.

length: 18 1/2 inches long (again, seems more accurate to me).

head circumference: 34 cm.

Overall Dr. W was super pleased with Andres’ progress but wanted to see them both back today (Tuesday).  She recommended supplementing them with a little formula every other feeding just to get some meat on their bones.  In just a few short days Andres’ weight was up to 6 lbs., 6 oz. and Javier is now up to 5 lbs, 14 oz.  Hurrah!  She’s no longer worried about jaundice with Javier and Andres’ umbilical cord finally fell off so the boy can get a bath.  Whew! Until they’re both over the 7 pound mark Dr. W wants to keep watching their weight so we’ll take them back the week after Thanksgiving to see what they’re up to.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wordless wednesday – ya llegaron los hermanitos/the baby brothers have arrived

11_8_10 09

11_8_10 13

11_9_10 05

andres (without hat), javier (with hat).

11_9_10 10

11_9_10 15

11_9_10 20 andres

with andres

11_9_10 22 javier

with javier

11_10_10 13

11_10_10 16

andres (left side), javier (right side).