Sunday, September 29, 2013

in no particular order...

 Food truck Fridays have become a regular happening around here...
flank steak grilled cheese sandwich.  

Biscuit starts asking on Tuesday if we 'go to food trucks now Mama"

A couple weeks ago on a random Sunday we took the kids to Grandfather Mountain.  Everyone returned home in one piece (though I aged about 10 years).

family hike.  marcus was a nervous wreck.  i was prepared for someone to bash their head in and bleed to death on a rock.  we made it about a mile before turning back. 

gorgeous weather.  the kids have been obsessed with going again and keep asking about the mountains.  must be the latent Andean genetics.

the mile-high bridge.  also known as the "swinging bridge" (for good reason).  also known as "where mama nearly died of fright when javier decided to race across it".  there are some boulders you can climb to go to the overlook (sans barrier).  javier was incredibly pissed that we didn't let him go.

These chuckle-heads have started 3 day 2's at St. John's Preschool with Ms. Josey & Ms. Teresa

They love school and are annoyed on Mondays and Fridays when they don't go.  Javier especially loves it.  They have lots of friends from last year in their class and were just invited to their first birthday party solo (as in not as Emi's tagalong brothers).  They are un-potty-trained and, as evidenced this weekend, are COMPLETELY uninterested.  I promise to announce it to the world when they are potty trained, but really, I'm not worrying about it any more.  In January I'll be signing them up for gymnastics/tumbling (once they've turned 3 they can start participating in these things).  Javier is a speed demon on his balance bike and Andres loves his scooter ('cooter) more than life itself.