Monday, February 27, 2012

painting chaos

Those who know me well know I don't do well with chaos. We are in the midst of having the house painted and have been kitchen-less the past two days. Do you know how much time I spend in the kitchen?? a lot. This was the scene at breakfast this morning... chaos. Go ahead and try to find the kids in the disaster that is currently my dining room.

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most days she makes me mental... though, she climbed in to my lap and asked to cuddle. promptly fell asleep in my arms like she used to do. and for 30 minutes I got my baby girl back. heaven.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

se nos casa la nena

Remember when the boys turned 1?

Remember Christmas? And the fall that was heard 'round the world?

Yeah, me too.

I swear I'll get back to all that. But it's been rough around here, technologically speaking. My new MacBook (which, I've been told, will become an extension of me) and I have had a rocky start... in fact he just spent a couple days at the "UBreakItIFixIt" store with a blown something or other than made the entire screen go all crazy colored. Between that, learning iPhoto, Aperture, the boys, the girl, the Grandma and the house there hasn't been a lot of time for blogging.

In January we made a quick trip up to DC to celebrate our Nena and Cutter getting engaged. We are uber-excited about their impending wedding in October. Forgive the very blurry pictures... they were all taken on my phone and it got kinda late and the picture takers were kinda blurry as well.

(oh, and now i have to re-learn how to size the pictures in blogger... add that to the list of above-mentioned things i have to figure out how to do!)

the bride with some of her tias.

she's only been here four months and this is my first picture with her. *shame*

getting a picture of javi is next to impossible

proud parents of the bride

Thursday, February 9, 2012

huevo duro *nickname*

hi... my name is andrés and i love eggs. when my mama doesnt make me an egg for breakfast i cry. when she does, i gobble it up in approximately 5 bites. today she put some cheese in it and i was in heaven. if only she'd give me an egg every morning.Created with PhotoShake

Saturday, February 4, 2012

circus 2012

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