Monday, March 25, 2013


In honor of Emi's first goal in an actual game (thus helping her team win 2-1 against the Crocodiles) I thought I'd post a couple pictures about futbol. Soccer has become a big part of our schedule - weekly games plus weekly practices and a dad who's a bit of a soccer fanatic mean when we are not at an actual game or practice there's still a lot of soccer ring practiced in the backyard. I actually didn't get to see this week's game because Coach Papa insisted in taking her by himself so he could 'coach' from the sidelines (a definite 'no no') - guess it worked.

All pics taken on phone.

Some of our Saturday morning games have been awfully chilly.

Why would he sit in his own chair when he could sit in mine?

Suiting up for practice. Shes a pro a doing this in the car - shinguards, tall socks and cleats.

Keeping these two crazies entertained during practices (I'm by myself for them) is a full-time job. Should've taken a pic of my bag of tricks - balls, books, snacks, games, Kleenex, etc. anything to keep them off the field. Fortunately there's a playground next door. Unfortunately it means I sometimes find this nut doing this...

before i can get to him. Yikes.

Last week's practice included rain and hail. Had to use the picnic blanket as an actual blanket until practice was called.

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