Friday, February 22, 2013

gulp *javier*

Just got back from taking my wild man to Presbyterian Main for a barium swallow. Much like it sounds, we kept him hungry this morning and then made him drink some sips of barium while they took x-rays of his gut.

As is often the case, Javier made a liar out of his mama who was convinced he would be a nightmare throughout. He was a total trooper and the meltdown really started after most of the 'action' was already over. No results yet...

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hearts and testing and general-ness

A couple weeks ago Emi went in for her evaluation for private school. No results yet, but had to take a picture of the outfit she deemed appropriate to wear.

oh jeez.

post-testing. She finished "quickly". Yikes.

I Pinterest-ed the kids Valentine treats for their class...

marbled crayons for the boys, glow sticks for the girl

The boys have transitioned in to "big-boy beds"...

someone doesn't like change...

even in his new bed he likes a sleep sack. He's a bit odd.

Emi has taken to stealing my camera and taking random pictures, like these two examples...

I took the girl to Dish It Out (paint-your-own pottery) the other day.

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