Tuesday, April 28, 2009

20 month stats - late again

So my Puchis turned 20 months old on Saturday (coincidentally at friend Alara's first birthday party!) I can't CAN'T even believe she's as big as she is. I swear it was yesterday she was just born (of course, I say this every month).

What's been most interesting and fascinating at this point is the number of words that she has now. It's literally been a little word explosion around here. Every day I feel like she's got another word or two. Additionally, it's so cool to see how fluidly she switches back and forth from Spanish to English. I mean, yeah, I do it all the time and so does Marcus and a lot of other people I know, but it's amazing to see someone this small do it. If you say a word in Spanish (like "caliente") that's easier for her to say in English ("hot") she'll use that word, but know exactly what you mean when you say "caliente" to her. Another example is she'll say "shoe" instead of "zapato" but if I tell her "trae tus zapatos" (bring your shoes) she'll go and get them saying "shoe, emi shoe." So cool.
Some words she's got now include: guapa (good looking - thanks Tio Jack!) - she'll point at herself and say "guapa!" because that's what he calls her, 'ack (Jack), foo (foot), flo (flor/flower), no (nose), pie (for the Spanish word pie/foot), hot, sit wewe (huevo/egg), poops (yuck), apple and others. She also puts words together like "mama shoe", "papa shoe", "agua dow" (putting her water down), "bebe cy" (baby cry), "bebe nig nig" (baby night night), "ciu ciu" (sucio/dirty - sounds just like her cousin Sofia), "cha cha" (gracias/thank you) - so funny, "peas" (please - will often sign with this one as well).
with Tulu at Alara's bday

Travesuras (I don't know how to say that word in English) include: when she's doing something naughty she'll say "no no no" in her sing-songy voice and keep doing whatever it is she's doing. Performs a move I've only seen crocodiles do on Animal Planet when they are trying to subdue their prey - she'll spin around and around and around on the bed or floor when you're trying to change her diaper (this is if she's not run as far and as fast away from you as she can). She loves to climb onto tables and knows how to pull the chairs out from the tables to get herself up on the table. She also loves to take stuff out of drawers (like her clothes or the stuff in your bedside table) and off of shelves (bookcases especially). Recently has been having some trouble with staying asleep all night long.... is on a streak of waking up in the middle of the night once or twice a week. We've also seen the temper tantrum or two. She stomps her feet off in the corner and waves her arms saying "no no no!" It's funny at home; in public, not so much. Fortunately up to now she can usually be "talked down" from her tantrum pretty quickly - so far a diversion seems to work well.
Loves: her babydoll - why oh why did we not get her earlier... carries her everywhere. She loves spending time with her tias (probably because they spoil her to death and give her a million little presents) and of course with A & Grandpa. Loves dogs of all kinds and can hear one barking from about a mile away. Loves to wave - at everyone and everything - she's really kind of agressive with the waving - getting right in the person's face... I guess she doesn't want you to ignore her? Loves to smell flowers and play "outsi" (outside), especially in any sort of water (from a puddle to her water table - doesn't matter), or on swings. Loves to see other babies/kids (including her special buddies from playgroup).
Fave foods: currently we've added the following to the roster - skillet cauliflower, barley risotto, couscous, fennel, green beans, spinach (cooked or raw with vinagrette on it), chocolate gelato, breyers fruit ice pops, coconut macaroons, blueberry syrup. Still not a big meat eater but loves fish and all sorts of legumes/beans.
"faceoff" with Alara, the birthday girl - really they love each other - not sure what the grumpy face is about.

Monday, April 27, 2009

So, less than 12 hours after Emi and I got home from DC, we packed up (again) and headed to Asheville to the wedding of our friends, Luis & Emilie. It was a gorgeous weekend to be up in the mountains. We hadn't been up that way in so long that I had forgotten what a beautiful little town it truly is. We stayed here in a lovely suite that was a stones-throw-away from the wedding and reception site.

of course pink panda and baby had to make the trip with us.

we caravaned with our friends, Gerardo y Indhira and stopped mid-way for a nice cool treat (Oreo milkshake).

at the wedding site in their fancy party clothes.

sadly, this is the best we did in terms of a family photo... can you tell who took it? pathetic.

right after the ceremony (which was held outside) while we all waited for the photographer to set up for a whole group picture. clearly, someone had hit the wall (it was about 8:30 at this point).

the bride and groom (obviously)

emilie's family is originally from new orleans so they had all these fun masks and pralines and all sorts of typical n.o. treats (which, combined with the salsa band and the mariachi band made for quite an interesting mix!) someone in this picture was growling because he had on a mask and thought that was funny. freak.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sin palabras

Emilia has such a special relationship with my mama, her "A" (we started calling her MamaMama, but Emilia started calling her A which I think originially started out sounding like "heeeeyyyyy" - very Southern-y, but has now morphed into A). Anyway, these two are thick as thieves. On this particular morning they sat on the sofa forever "chatting" back and forth in (very suspicious outfits I might add - check out someone's too-short-pants and too-small-sweater). Emilia loved how A would play along with pretending to drink her milk and falling asleep (complete with fake snoring). Too funny.

ketchup, or catch up - part 1

So there's so much to catch up on from our trip to DC that it seems pretty overwhelming. Just to add to that, there were a couple of days (read, many) when I totally forgot my camera and forgot about documenting stuff.... which is good in a way I suppose because I got to just enjoy the moment instead of worrying about trying to get pictures of everything. Unfortunately though, it means I have no pics of Emi at the National Zoo (her first zoo trip - gorgeous day - she saw the elephants, zebras, the pandas including the new baby, and the hippos), eating pizza at Vace on Connecticut Ave or eating pork with plum sauce at Peking Gourmet and very few pics of her with the tios and tias, Grandpa and A.

One day I did remember to bring along my camera was on Sunday when we worshipped at the Holy Church of Brunch a.k.a. the club where we had an awesome breakfast with Nana, Richard and the Bug (who's original nickname was Lala, but Emilia now calls her "yaya" and is OBSESSED with her... it's that mysterious aura of hers! :)

running to greet Nana outside the club. she loves her Nana.

someone was on her best behavior in the club grill which is good because there was a lot of people there! sharing some laughs with Na.
stopping to smell some flowers in the parking lot before we left.

with Na and Richard... looking awfully serious.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

here, but not

Whew! The postings I could write about our 12 days in DC - the zoo, the infamous fall (Emilia took a double sumersalt header down 8 stairs - she's fine but I'm that much closer to death), the meals, the shopping, and the awesome family time - the postings would be exhausting. Of course the number of pics I actually took is quite pathetic and even still I don't have time to post them We arrived this afternoon to Charlotte and after Emi's preschool tomorrow we're headed to Asheville to a wedding Friday night. We barely unpacked and now I've got to pack us up again. Whew! I promise to put up pics Sunday. Pinky swear.

Monday, April 13, 2009

hunt, easter, baby love & bye byes

I had all these grand ideas about the posts I was going to do about our neighborhood Easter egg hunt, Easter itself, and all our adventures with Grandpa, but alas, time and life have gotten in the way. As a result, this is going to be a super-fast post with a couple of un-edited pics. Emi and I leave tomorrow early morning to fly to DC to visit the tias (including Tia Lo here from Costa Rica) and, most especially "A" (aka my mom, Emi's MamaMama) who came up from Quito last week. A little nervous about flying with the little bug on the plane by myself again after our "adventurous" flight back from Quito, but I figure it's only an hour and she'll probably be just fine - I'll have the benadryl on hand just in case.

Saturday there was an Easter egg hunt in the neighborhood. I didn´t think it would be all that great, nor that Emilia would enjoy/be in to it at all. Was I wrong. First of all it was super well organized - Emi was in the 0-2 area and honestly, there were a bunch of eggs left over because they had put so many out. Secondly, my little retriever LOVED it - all those things to collect! The only downside was the clubhouse grounds was kind of muddy because of all the rain the night before.

basket full of eggs (each kid got to pick their own basket at the hunt - plus they had munchies and coffee for the 'rents).prying open one of her eggs.

So the Easter Bunny brought Emi something I think she's wanted for a very long time - her own baby doll. She loves the ones at ChildWatch and she's often tried to steal Kyrie's as well. Well, I finally broke down and we got her one as well as a stroller. It was instant love at first sight... started calling it "my baby" and saying the baby's name is "Emi" (sounds more like "Ami" but whatev) and has been feeding her and carrying her around ever since. Feel kind of guilty about not getting the baby a nice outfit - currently she only wears her jammies - but am hopeful "A" can make her a couple of outfits.

feeding baby some raisins for breakfast.

Easter morning photo session in the backyard. It looks beautiful back there with all the azaleas and dogwoods in bloom. Too bad someone wasn't this serene in church!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

flower power part deux

So I think I've hit maximum overload on the number of posts this week, but I couldn't resist putting up this vid from Sunday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

take 5

on the hayride - not too excited yet.

Today, on what had to be the COLDEST day of the early Spring Emilia had a "date" with her friend MoMo (Morgan) at Lazy 5 Ranch, which is basically this giant, fabulous petting zoo complete with animals from birds to giraffes. It was really quite stunning. We started off our visit with a hayride where the kids could feed the different animals. Emilia hated this - she pretty much wailed whenever you tried to let go of her and had a kangaroo death grip on me the whole time. Afterwards we got to walk around the "petting" zoo part of the attraction which Emi liked a million times more. She loved waving to every single solitary animal. By the time it was all over with, I pretty much had to drag her out of there. It was a long ride but well worth it and I'm sure next time she'll love it even more.
someone not enjoying the hayride

more waving
still more waving (and pointing this time)

outta here!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

flower power

loving Sunday time with her Papa.
always stop to smell the roses (or tulips).

and be sure to get someone to spot you if you're unsteady on your own feet.

the backyard - post-landscaping and with azaleas and dogwoods in bloom!

get me the heck out of this hammock!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


So in honor of Spring finally arriving (as well as the landscaping that FINALLY got done in our yard) we broke out the planters and started filling them in. Emilia had the best time playing in the dirt, throwing it around, and then "washing" her hands in her water table.

Friday, April 3, 2009

the hunt

So today was the Easter Egg Hunt for Emilia's class at school. Grandpa and I showed up at 11:30 for the courtyard hunt and an impromptu picnic lunch since the weather was finally beautiful. Surprisingly, Emilia took right to collecting Easter eggs... must be the "gatherer" in her. She then started pulling all the foil off of the chocolate eggs and giving me the chocolate (she's a savory girl, and not really in to sweets at all). I took a thousand pics, but these are some of the faves...
laser focus - working hard at pulling the aluminum foil off the chocolate egg.

her Easter basket

stopping to smell the flowers

Before these pics she was all "Mama Mama" and then pointed to the flowers for me to smell them with her.
Her bunny hat. Miss Courtney pretty much had to physically force her to glue those three measly cotton balls on her hat. The other kids all had tons of cotton balls on their hats. As you can tell, Emi hated every second of having that hat on her head.