Monday, March 19, 2012

last one - NYC

In February I dashed up to NYC with Tia Marga and the Bug to go dress shopping with Nena and her girlfriends. We had a great time - so fun to be with these girls - the excitement was contagious! We crammed in to the dressing room while Nena tried on about 10 dresses before finally finding 'the one'. It's a show stopper and she looks spectacular. Have to admit I got all teary-eyed, but weddings always do that to me. Can't wait for October! Created with PhotoShake

Sunday, March 18, 2012

girls only

We girls decided we needed to get away from all the boys, basketball watching, and Andres' crying, so I took Emi for her first mani-pedi. While nervous at first she ended up loving it and would like to go back tomorrow - yikes! Created with PhotoShake iPad

portraits in misery *andres*

Andres has been super sick for the past week – crazy high fevers, up to 105.4 that had me in the ER with him on Wednesday night, and have subsequently caused him to erupt in a nasty rash all over his face, arms, and trunk. He's slowly getting better but it's been rough. Had to document his bar-code, his barf bag courtesy Levine Children's ER, the near constant crying, and the nasty rash. Created with PhotoShake iPad

hecho el guapo/mr. good-looking *javier*

I FINALLY took Javier for a haircut the other day. It had really grown and he was i desperate need, so the two of us took a little mother-son date to the hairdresser's.


and after.

Handsome boy.