Friday, October 31, 2008

school pics are in!

Hurrah! If you want to see them (and familia, let me know what pictures you want) log in to The portrait ID number is N00035-43457 and the access code is HG3W. There are about 3 different poses but then they switch them around by making them black and white and sepia toned. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

bury my heart at wounded hands

Today we took Emilia in for her allergy testing. Unbeknownst to us, we were supposed to have done this several weeks ago but due to a misunderstanding at the doctor's office we didn't go until today. We (Mama Mama & I) took Emilia to LCH for her labwork to be done. The facility is really outstanding - all new and beautiful and as calming as a hospital full of sick children can be. It made me oh so grateful that my girl is healthy and whole. In any case, we thought we were in for some skin allergy testing or something along those lines but we came to find out that Emilia would have to have 2 tubes of blood drawn. I almost passed out (and I am not at all squeemish about blood.) Fortunately our nurse was a wonderful woman who although she had to stick Emilia in both hands (the first one wouldn't bleed) jabbed her as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Mama Mama kept up an entertaining show with tape, blood vials, and a little windup toy Tita sent in Emilia's Halloween basket (thanks Tita - it was a lifesaver!) and I held on to my girl and cried on the inside. Most importantly, my brave brave girl cried just a very little bit (when they had to wiggle the needle around in her first hand to try to get the blood flowing) but other than that the only word to describe her was stoic.Not the best picture - but the best I could do to show her wounded little hands.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the arrival of fall

The weather is truly cool now. Today on our afternoon walk around the 'hood Emilia had to sport her hat and a sweater! (I can take credit for the cap - but not for the sweater.)

halloween preview


Friday, October 24, 2008

the chair

So I bought this chair at the Harris Y consignment sale for Emilia about a month ago. I hadn't planned on giving it to her yet, but in a moment of desperation the other day I introduced it to her. She loves it even if the upholstery is a little less than desirable (never fear - it's one of Mama Mama's many jobs to do when she gets here!) I have finally (I think) managed to convince her to stop trying to stand up on it or sit on the arms of the chair (of course, a little tumble also helps to teach that lesson - ouch!) and now she really enjoys it, rocking back and forth.

Disclaimer: Yes, I realize the child's face is covered with dinner (bonus points if you can guess what she had eaten that night) - never fear - her face gets washed before bedtime. And yes, I also realize her pants and shirt don't exactly match, but her pink pants she had worn all day long had gotten very dirty out on the playground.

Hope Santa brings Marcus a new pair of slippers for Christmas!

Close up of the silly one.

Uh oh - someone's getting tired (and has found a travel pillow which is now apparently hers.

Very very tired.

For God's sake woman, stop taking my picture and put me to bed! (So I can wake up at 4:30 this morning - but that's a whole different posting.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

baby signs

I was trying to get video this morning of Emilia saying "no" but no luck. Instead I managed to catch her making one of her signs. I was very late in starting the whole baby sign language thing mainly because I felt like we were already doing a lot of language stuff by speaking only Spanish with her, but I saw how well it was working with her friends from playgroup so I decided to try it and now I'm a believer! Emilia has about 5 signs (I'm sure if I'd started earlier she would have more by now but whatever) and she doesn't do all of them correctly but she's consistent with them and we know what they mean. The sign for "more" (we say "mas") is supposed to be fingers from both hands coming together but she does it by pointing with one finger to her open palm. It is kind of cool I must admit. (Note: I have no idea what she wanted more of when we were recording this).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It became Fall very quickly this week. Emilia and her buddy Kyrie had fun running up and down the driveway (and making a break for the street) and playing outside.

#1 fan strikes again

It was a nailbiter of a game on Sunday but it seems that Emilia's warm-up set and Redskins turtleneck were luck after all!Enjoying the game on her new recliner Mama Mama will be recovering when she gets here. Sorry no pics with the jacket on - next time!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Heading in to her first Clemson game.

Today we braved the wilds of South Carolina to tailgate and watch the Clemson-Ga. Tech game. It was Emilia's first tailgating experience and she was a trooper! She loved the people watching and running around in the lot. We were sure we would have to leave the game by halftime at the latest but she made it all the way to almost the tail end of the 4th quarter! Bravo! The only tragedy is that her Clemson t-shirt was a little snug so we opted for a Halloween shirt but a Clemson bow.

Tailgating at the Esso Club.

Getting the skinny on the game from her Papa.

It was pretty noisy!

The end of the game - clearly the girl was done - she had eaten everything in her lunchbox and was sitting on the ground. We left right after this picture.

GASP! What she looked like the last time we went to Clemson. We barely tailgated and never made it into the game - November 2007. I'm not kidding when I say my heart aches!

Friday, October 17, 2008

the end of summer

Emilia and Kyrie - hard to believe they're only 1 month apart - look how tall Kyrie is!

Yesterday was probably the end of summer here in the Carolinas. It was in the mid-80s and absolutely beautiful out. I took Emilia over to her friend Kyrie's house (Emilia and Kyrie normally spend a lot of time together but this week for a variety of reasons hadn't had a chance to visit). Emilia loved spending time in Kyrie's backyard and playing in her sand table.
The two girls having a heart to heart.
Taking turns with the shovel.

Emilia giving Kyrie a push in the car. I think Kyrie is questioning her driving skills!


If it's Friday it's a school day for Emilia. Albeit not the best picture it was an opportunity to wear one of her Halloween outfits and her Halloween bow.

rooting for "la tri"

Although Emilia was sporting her "tricolor" uniform her Papa's team lost a heartbreaker on Wednesday to Venezuela 3-1. I think Emilia is just relieved she won't have to wear polyester again until next year when the games begin again...
Look at that - knitting needles in her hand already!

Contemplating her first knitting project.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

picture day!

Last Friday (Oct. 10th) was picture day at Emilia's school. The report from her teachers was that she was full of smiles and, most importantly, she kept her bow in her hair for the pictures - hurrah! I managed to snap a couple of pictures before we left.Bow already out of the hair but at least she had it on for the pictures. Proofs will be sent home this week - so excited!

Monday, October 13, 2008

regalo nuevo

Fifina le regalo este jumper de blue jean a la nena cuando estuvimos en Quito ahora en julio por su cumpleanos. Recien ahora le entra - y se ve desde ya que le encanta y que le va a servir bastante porque le puede usar con mallas o con medias como lo esta usando ahora...

A present from my mom's friend Fifina who gave this jumper to Emilia when we were in Quito back in July. It finally just now is fitting but it's great because it has adjustable straps and she can wear it with tights in the winter.

Admittedly not the best pictures but they'll have to do!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

from the other side of the pond

Finally Emilia can wear a sweet little outfit her great-uncle Karl-Anders sent her from Finland...

She was super comfy and toasty this past rainy Wednesday. Admittedly these are not the best pictures but my fashion model doesn't like to stay still for very long!

Um... so in the evenings before bed we let Emilia run around with just her diaper on or even al fresco. The other day she landed on one of her favorite places - Chola's bed (and no, go ahead and groan now, it was neither washed nor disinfected or anything and yes, I let her sit on it - oh well). I loved the fact that she was "reading" - she had the book jacket from one of her Peter Rabbit books and was reading it. A bookworm at an early age - chip off the blocks!

Monday, October 6, 2008

more pumpkin patch pics

The patch we went to had a petting zoo as well. Here Emilia looks a little nervous while checking out the rabbits.
Checking out some piggies.
The little milkmaid in front of the faux cow they had set up so kids could pretend to milk the cow... kind of gross if you ask me.
On the hayride.
Walking through the corn maze (she decided at some point she didn't want to push the wagon anymore).