Tuesday, July 2, 2013


He would never admit it I'm sure, but I think Marcus has been waiting for yesterday ever since he heard he was having sons.

Their first soccer practice.

Granted, it's not like they're on a team or anything - just Soccer Shots which is the same program Emi started with back in the day with her playgroup pals. She was a bit older then... 3 I think. The boys are in a "pee wee" session for 2s being held in our neighborhood park.


running like lions

giraffes. Could cry about not getting a shot of them doing "airplane move" (foot on ball, arms outstretched). Next time.

"team meeting" - bless Coach Stephen - 4 2 yr old boys is not an easy audience!

someone got distracted - surely not the last time that'll happen

pennies on!

wrap-up - someone liked to sit v close to Coach and put a hand on his knee.

As we thought, Andres was loved the whole experience and was super in to it and attentive (not counting the frequent water breaks because the Biscuit gets hot and sweaty). Javier, arguably the more "talented" (can you really say that of a 2 yr old?) wasn't so interested in doing what he was told and wandered off several times. He liked it... he just wanted to play his own game. Overall a successful first outing of soccer which is a good thing since they've got a drawerful of soccer jerseys and a soccer-crazy Papa.

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kate's corner said...

wow! big day for M!! interesting about how they each reacted...good of you to note and frankly, expected, right?? and jav does have skills...saw that at like 10 mos