Sunday, August 19, 2012

ecuador - vol 1

There are  Ugh.

This first batch is from a trip with friends to the Parque Cotopaxi - a national park at the base of one of Ecuador's snow-capped mountains.  Nothing like arriving at almost 9,300 ft above sea level, and the going a little higher (about 11,000 ft).  Holy lack-of-oxygen.

the drive - are we there yet?

i had to include a pic of the roads... they were spectacular this year.  no pot holes and they'd all been widened!

plus, there was actual road signage.  no more 'turn at the gas station' - now you actually know where you're going!

of course, just about every mile you're reminded of why the roads/signs exist... the people's revolution marches on.  this crazy president may do a lot of stupid things... but the roads infrastructure is fabulous now!


el cotopaxi.  it was a cloudy day but you can see some of the snow at the base of the peak.

a short, freezing cold walk around the laguna.

adding some excitement to the drive for the kids.

picnic time at the campground.  4 families, 9 kids, no fighting.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quito snapshot - the travelers

J's airport temper tantrum. miami- quito flight. in A's car and pj'd Created with PhotoShake